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Enhancing Summer Fun at the Lake Since 1995

Lake life is great. If you don’t already live on a lake, the cabin’s where you go for the 4th of July, Memorial Day, birthdays, wedding receptions, and basically every weekend during the summer. And you want to enjoy that time as much as you can!

The first step is to find a dock and watercraft lift.
Moving forward all credit and debit cards will be charged a 3.25% convenience fee

SERVICESWe Provide to All of Our Customers

Installation & removal for shore line and float in (using our superbarge)

Storm recovery (using our superbarge)

Storage for docks, lifts, canopies, and electric drives

Repairs on docks, lifts, canopies, electric drives, and more

Estimates on insurance, repairs, and marina systems

Welding repairs on docks, lifts, and canopies

The Superbarge

Superbarges make installation, removal, and storm recovery quick and hassle-free. We’ve had six barges over here at TS Dock & Lift. Most other dealerships in our area haven’t had one. In fact, there are only about a dozen of these barges in the whole state of Minnesota.

Check out our two Fork-lift Barges! They can lift up to a 6,000-pound hoist/lift. Adding these to our service department has enabled us to move just about any kind of lift from one place to another, or simply remove it from the water and place it on land.

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