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Galv-a-Dock System

Boathouse & Lifetime Docks

Your dock is the center of your summer activities. Galv-A-Dock gives lake home owners peace of mind that they have the most comfortable, attractive, and user-friendly dock system available.

And guess what? Galv-A-Dock has had ZERO structural storm damage in over 45 years. When you purchase Galv-A-Dock, you can be confident that your new dock is the last dock you’ll ever buy!

Rotational-Molded Plastic

It isn’t material you’d normally associate with a dock, but it’s an incredible option. Molded Plastic is very nice on your feet - it stays cool during the summer heat, is slip-resistant, and has no sharp edges to nick your toes on. It doesn’t crack or leave splinters lying around either.

BENEFITSof Owning a Galv-A-Dock

Sturdy Framework

The Galv-A-Dock framework has custom milled pipe that’s 20% lighter in weight and has greater than twice the strength of conventional pipe. This minimizes bending, allowing for a straight and level dock year after year.

Stunning Look and Feel

With your choice of state-of-the-art molded plastic decking, either in beige or white and clear cedar wood (available in Midwest only). The Galv-A-Dock one piece molded plastic deck provides an anti-slip texture surface, which is comfortable for walking bare foot on, sitting on, or sunbathing.

Durable & Maintenance-Free

Galv-A-Dock can outlast all competitor’s products. It’s maintenance-free and storm resistant (has withstood winds in excess of 100 mph with no damage). Because the Galv-A-Dock plastic decking is longer lasting, there will be less cost over its lifespan.

Protective Boathouse Option

Get to your watercraft with a Galv-A-Dock, and protect that boat or jet ski with a Galv-A-Dock Boathouse. The Galv-A-Dock Boathouse is a protective vinyl canopy surrounding your lift and watercraft, holding fast during summer storms and shielding your recreational vehicle.

Smooth Installation & Removal

You don’t have to get in the water to install this dock. You can do it yourself, or you can have us help you with it. You should know that Galv-A-Dock is popular in the Lake Minnetonka area because of how easy it is to install and remove!

Galv-A-Dock Rewards

Galv-A-Dock Accessories

Protect your investment and maximize the fun! Galv-A-Dock offers dock accessories that are sure to meet your needs. We have protective equipment, including bumpers and pole protectors, benches, ladders, paddleboard racks, and more. Check out all of our dock accessories.

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