ShoreMaster Docks

ShoreMaster Infinity Series Standing Docks

Spend more time enjoying your waterfront with the infinity series of standing docks from ShoreMaster. The infinity series of standing docks from ShoreMaster feature stainless steel and brass hardware for exceptional durability. It allows for unlimited layouts. Installation and removal is fast and easy. Infinity docks require only a few tools, and in some cases no tools at all to layout and install the dock you desire. Infinity docks by ShoreMaster also feature the exclusive quick connect system, making it fast and easy to add or remove ShoreMaster accessories.


Framework Design
Full-length center stringer and two cross members welded into the frame. Each section includes integral diagonal bracing for the patented Infinity five sided leg pockets that provide additional stability.

Quick Connect
Allows for easy, no tool attachment and movement of accessories, including off deck benches, vertical bumpers, steps and more.

Easy Assembly
The easy to assemble dock sections can be connected together without tools. Simply lower the dock section into ShoreMaster’s exclusive dock connection clips and tighten the Quick Connect screws.

ShoreMaster Docks

Spend more time making memories on the water with the infinity series of Wheel-in docks from ShoreMaster. Wheel-in Docks and piers make installation and removal each year a breeze. The Infinity line of ShoreMaster docks are designed and engineered to last a lifetime featuring durable aluminum construction with brass and stainless steel hardware. Simply choose the type of decking surface that works the best for your application. You and your family will have more time on the water this year and for many years to come with your new ShoreMaster Infinity Wheel-in Dock.

Infinity RS4

The Infinity RS4 is highly configurable and durable, making it perfectly suited for firm, to slightly soft lake bottoms, shallow to moderate water depths and locations with minimal off-season storage space.

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Infinity RS7

The Infinity RS7 is one of the most stable and attractive dock systems available, and can be configured to fit nearly any layout you desire. Perfect for firm to soft lake bottoms with shallow to moderate water depths.

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Infinity TS9
The Infinity TS9 is a durable, classic truss dock solution for waterfront owners looking for a low maintenance, easy-to own dock system. Perfect for firm to soft lake bottoms with shallow to moderate water depths.

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Decking Options


Quick Connect
Allows for easy, no tool attachment and movement of accessories, including off deck benches, vertical bumpers, steps and more.

Easy Assembly
The easy to assemble dock sections can be connected together without tools. Simply lower the dock section into ShoreMaster’s exclusive dock connection clips and tighten the Quick Connect screws.

Winch Leveling Kit
This option allows you to lower and raise your dock without entering the water. This is an economic alternative to adjustable screw legs.

Caterpillar Connection
Allows wheeled section docks to pivot as they are moved in and out of the water. The caterpillar clip will attach anywhere to the perimeter of your dock providing you with a dock removal that is quick and easy.

Custom Docks

Let your imagination run wild. ShoreMaster will custom build docks to meet virtually any design or configuration. Maybe you know exactly what you want, but cannot find it. Maybe you have steep banks, rocky shorelines, mucky bottoms or severe wind or waves. There’s probably not a situation we haven’t already addressed.

ShoreMaster Dock Accessories

Vertical Dock Bumper
Vertical dock bumpers are like soft pillows for your boat. They cushion and protect so that you don’t have to worry about your boat banging into the side of your dock. They can be installed and easily moved around with the exclusive Quick Connect system from ShoreMaster.


Dock Steps with Hand Rail
Dock Steps from ShoreMaster give you the opportunity to make a grand entrance or exit from your dock every time. The handrail safely guides you to and from the dock while the adjustable legs ensure that you’re stepping up to the best. Dock Steps install easily with the exclusive Quick Connect System from ShoreMaster.


Dock Boxes
Dock Boxes from ShoreMaster make your outdoor living area look great. Their attractive design provides a dry, lockable storage area for all of the miscellaneous items that you use while having fun on the water. Store your water shoes, towels, personal floatation devices, ropes, or whatever you use in A ShoreMaster Dock Box.


Dock Ramps & Gangways
ShoreMaster Dock Ramps and Gangways fill the space between land and water. They safely transition you from your shoreline to your dock. ShoreMaster Dock Ramps and Gangways are just as beautiful as your ShoreMaster dock, there are many sizes and decking surfaces to choose from and we know you’ll appreciate that! Most Ramps and Gangways can be attached with the exclusive Quick Connect System.

Deep-Water Brace
You demand stability in your life. Why settle for anything less with your dock? Deep Water braces from ShoreMaster give you extra stability, especially when you’re in deep water. Their unique design provides lateral and forward and aft stability especially in water depths of 5’ or more.

Dock Bench
Your yard is a park-like setting, and your waterfront area could be featured on a post card. Take time to sit down, relax, and enjoy the scenery with the Lakeview Dock Bench from ShoreMaster. The Lakeview Dock Bench from ShoreMaster has an ergonomically contoured back and seat for pure comfort. Everything looks better when you’re comfortable.

Corner Bumper
Soften the corners of your dock and blur the lines between form and function with a Corner Dock Bumper from ShoreMaster. A Corner Dock Bumper from ShoreMaster adds the finishing touch for a beautiful dock system, and the protection you need for confidence at the helm.

Winch Leveling Kit
Leave your swim suit in the house, with the Winch Leveling Kit from ShoreMaster. A Winch Leveling Kit from ShoreMaster is great for anyone that wants to stay dry while adjusting their set bolt adjustable dock legs. To winches with cables mount atop the legs of your dock system, a connector is attached to the dock frame; next you simply loosen your set bolts, raise or lower your dock with the winch and then retighten the set bolts.

Dock Cleat
Safely and quickly secure your craft with Dock Cleats from ShoreMaster. Dock cleats provide proper mooring for quick stops or visits to your dock. When used with vertical dock bumpers you and your guests get the ultimate in security and protection. ShoreMaster Dock Cleats are available in the exclusive Quick Connect Style for use on the ShoreMaster Infinity Dock systems, or standard bolt on style.

Flagpole Holder
A Flag Pole Holder lets you show your pride. The Flag Pole Holder from ShoreMaster accepts flag poles up to 2.5” in diameter. Flag pole holders can be attached with the exclusive Quick Connect System.

Dock Ladders
A Pivoting Ladder from ShoreMaster gets you in and out of the water safely and quickly. The pivoting action can be employed to keep weeds and other debris off of the ladder when you’re not using your dock, and it comes in handy when your ladder is attached to a wheel-in style dock, just pivot your ladder in the up position to prevent damage during the install or removal process. ShoreMaster Dock Ladders can be attached with the exclusive Quick Connect System.

Get a grip…on ShoreMaster Handrails. Adding Handrails to your dock system adds safety for young children or older individuals. Plus they look great.

Roto-molded Poly Tires

Roto-Molded Polyethylene tires from ShoreMaster are made to last. They’ve been tested to 3000 lbs. so they can with stand even the most grueling conditions that your waterfront can deliver. Their roto-molded construction and rigid side walls mean that you’ll never experience a flat. And the intake vents automatically fill with with water for added stability, and they are self draining once removed from the water.

Wind Dancer Flag Pole
The unique design of the Wind Dancer Flag Pole will allow your flag to dance in the wind without wrapping around the pole. The Wind Dancer’s sturdy pole can withstand winds up to 70 miles per hour. A standard 3’ x 5’ nylon American flag is included for free with Wind Dancer Flag Pole.

Solar Dock Lights
Set your Infinity Dock System aglow in the evening with solar paneled dock lights from ShoreMaster. Mounted directly into the dock leg caps our dock lights are easy to install and offer an attractive and unobtrusive low profile – no tripping, no wasted dock space. A bright solar powered LED light provides an evening illumination without the hassle of cords or wires.


Dock Bumpers from ShoreMaster provide the extra protection that you demand. Dock Bumpers from ShoreMaster can be installed at any point along the length of your dock.

Storage Shed

You know all too well what a hassle it is lugging all your stuff back and forth to your cabin or lake home. That’s why ShoreMaster has designed storage sheds that put an end to the inconvenience. With a ShoreMaster Storage Shed, now you can store it away, lock it up and stop hauling it around.

ShoreMaster Waterfront Recreation

Swim Rafts
ShoreMaster swim rafts are your own little island of swimming fun. You can play! Play! Play! And when you’re done playing, you can relax quite comfortably. The ShoreMaster line of swim rafts are the perfect choice for an on the water getaway.

Aluminum Swim Raft
Think of the fun times you had up at the lake as a youngster. Your time spent on the water seemed to last forever. Now you want to get that feeling back, either for yourself, or maybe for your own children. Whatever the reason, you already know what it’s going to take.

Escape Swim Raft
Escape from the daily grind. Escape to the serenity of your free time. The ShoreMaster Escape swim raft is the perfect escape for any adventure. Define your perfect escape, and the Escape raft will take you there. You’re free to sunbathe, read a book, or maybe take up yoga on the Escape swim raft.

Get to the bottom of a seriously fun predicament. Remember racing to the park to see who could be the first one down the slide? ShoreMaster’s Waterslide takes that memory and brings it to the water. You’ll always have more fun going down with your very own Waterslide. The Waterslide from ShoreMaster will turn your waterfront into an aquatic play land. It’s safe, built to last, and it’s virtually maintenance free.