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ShoreMaster Docks

Infinity Series Standing Docks

Spend more time enjoying your waterfront with the infinity series standing docks from ShoreMaster. These wheel-in docks feature stainless steel and brass hardware to create exceptional durability. It’s capable of multiple layouts, and installation and removal are fast and easy.

Take advantage of the ShoreMaster-exclusive quick connect system, which makes it fast and easy to add or disconnect ShoreMaster accessories.

Decking Material Options

Complete your vision of the perfect waterfront with the beauty of ShoreMaster decking. From barefoot softness to maintenance-free modern style, we have the decking solution you'll love, for all your water's edge enjoyment.

BENEFITSof Owning a ShoreMaster Dock

Complete Customization

Let your imagination run wild. Maybe you know exactly what you want, but you can’t find it. Or maybe you have steep banks, rocky shorelines, mucky bottoms, or severe wind or waves. ShoreMaster will custom build your new dock to meet virtually any design or configuration.

Framework Design

Full-length center stringer and two cross members welded into the frame. Each section includes integral diagonal bracing for the patented Infinity five-sided leg pockets that provide additional stability.

Easy Assembly

The dock sections can be connected together without tools. You can’t make it easier than that! Simply lower the dock section into ShoreMaster’s exclusive dock connection clips and tighten the Quick Connect screws.

Quick Connect

Allows for easy, no-tool attachment and movement of accessories, including off deck benches, vertical bumpers, steps, and more.

Curve Appeal

If you live on – or spend time on – the lake you’ve likely seen hundreds of dock/pier systems. Does it ever seem like they all look the same? Lots of straight lines and right angles. That’s great and all, but have you ever wanted something that was more unique? Ever wanted to just throw the status quo out the window and say “Yeah, but look at this.” Ever wanted something that allows you better curb appeal? We’ll then embrace the curves my friend!

ShoreMaster Dock Series

The Infinity line of ShoreMaster docks is designed and engineered to last a lifetime featuring durable aluminum construction with brass and stainless-steel hardware. Simply choose the type of decking surface that works the best for your application. You and your family will have more time on the water for many years to come with your new ShoreMaster Infinity Wheel-in Dock.

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Infinity RS4

The Infinity RS4 is highly configurable and durable, making it perfectly suited for firm to slightly soft lake bottoms, shallow to moderate water depths, and locations with minimal off-season storage space.

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Infinity RS7

The Infinity RS7 is one of the most stable and attractive dock systems available, and can be configured to fit nearly any layout you desire. Perfect for firm to soft lake bottoms with shallow to moderate water depths.

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Infinity TS9

The Infinity TS9 is a durable, classic truss dock solution for waterfront owners looking for a low maintenance, easy-to own dock system. Perfect for firm to soft lake bottoms with shallow to moderate water depths.

ShoreMaster Dock Accessories

Express yourself! ShoreMaster accessories are sure to meet your needs, whether they’re functional or decorative. We have benches, hand rails, flagpoles, and more. Check out all of our dock accessories.

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