Shore Station Boat, Pontoon & PWC Lifts

From the sleek, clean look to the smooth, level-lift operation Shore Station lifts are packed with features to make your life easier. Whether it be a manual, direct drive or hydraulic hoist; take a closer look at Shore Station’s bolted design, Ultra bunks and stainless steel cables; you won’t be disappointed. The original since 1959.

ShoreMaster Standing, Cantilever and PWC Lifts

If you’re looking for a boat lift or hoist, you already have good reasons why: Your boat’s hull can take on all sorts of abuse when left in the water, from organisms and corrosion to the damaging effects of wind and waves. That’s why your boat’s best friend is a ShoreMaster Lift. When your boat’s work is done, the ShoreMaster Lift’s work begins. The ultimate in boat mooring and protection, ShoreMaster Lifts are strong and durable thanks to our aluminum welded construction throughout. Forget those heavy steel cradles and parts that can rust with age. When you un-float your boat with a ShoreMaster Lift, you enjoy lightweight, maintenance-free operation for years to come.