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Complete peace of mind for you is our goal, and failure is not an option. Our boat lifts are over-engineered for maximum stability, over-built for superior durability, and over-tested to ensure maximum reliability and performance to provide superior watercraft protection. Plus, we are one of the only manufacturers in the industry to offer welded construction which not only increases stability and durability but provides for faster, easier installation as well. And finally, we offer a wide range of options and accessories to increase ease of use and make sure that you can maximize your time on the water.

Vertical Lift
As the pioneers of the welded aluminum boat lift with a passion for continuous improvement, we have perfected our design to offer superior stability, reliability and performance season after season. Welded construction and premium components make ShoreMaster Vertical Lifts the most trusted boat lift in the industry as well as the easiest to install and own. Our double v-side design provides easy access to your watercraft, and our exclusive Whisper Winch offers the market’s quietest operation. Plus, when you add a boat lift motor use becomes as easy as the push of a button.

Hydraulic Lift
ShoreMaster Hydraulic Boat Lifts offer superior reliability, premium performance and the ultimate in convenience. Precision welded construction provides superior durability over bolt together lifts, while the traditional hydraulic design means minimal maintenance and hassle-free operation. Premium components and time-tested designs give owners complete peace of mind that their watercraft is protected from the elements. Plus, remote control operation is standard with all ShoreMaster Hydraulic Lifts for easy, convenient, hassle-free lift operation. Combined with a ShoreMaster Canopy System and Boat Lift Accessories the Hydraulic Boat Lift can accommodate nearly any watercraft style.

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Standing PWC Lifts
The view ahead looks great when you’re standing. You stand up on your PWC to get a better view of what’s ahead. Get better protection for your PWC by putting it on ShoreMaster’s standing PWC lifts. Standing PWC lifts do not need to be attached to a dock, nor are they required to be anchored. Choose a ShoreMaster standing lift when you need a light-weight lift that is easy to remove from the water when necessary but still provides superior protection at all times. ShoreMaster standing PWC lifts work well in shallow water conditions, and in places that have a firm to a slightly soft lake bottom.

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  • Cantilever PWC Lifts   

PWC Docking Stations
Take an alternative route. Leave the same old, same old for the work week, not your free time. PWC Docking stations are a great alternative to the traditional standing and floating PWC lifts. Think of them as a private island for your PWC. Your PWC works just as hard as you do, and it deserves a little alone time when it’s not working. A PWC docking station from ShoreMaster will ensure that it gets it. It’s pure protection for your PWC, and pure peace of mind for you. A ShoreMaster PWC docking station can be one of the quickest and easiest ways to dock your PWC, especially if you want to share the fun with your friends and family.

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Boat Lift Motors

Wheel Drive Boat Lift Motor
The Lift Mate Wheel Drive Boat Lift Motor is available in either 110 volt, or 12 volt models and works on lifts up to 5,000 pounds. The Lift Mate comes standard with a toggle switch for ease of operation, and an optional remote makes it even easier to let a Wheel Drive Boat Lift Motor do all of the work for you.

Remote Control Direct Drive Motor
A Direct Drive Boat Lift Motor, with Remote allows you to “walk away” from the work of raising your boat. The Remote Control Direct Drive Boat Lift Motor is available in a 110 volt and 12 volt models. It works on boat lifts up to 7,000 lbs and it’s quick to install and operates 30% faster than the Lift Mate Wheel Drive Boat Lift Motor. A toggle switch unit is optional.

Canopy Covers

Maintain your boat’s value with superior protection from the elements by choosing  Canopy System from ShoreMaster. Designed and built to provide superior coverage and protection, our boat lift canopy frames and canopy covers offer the industry’s most versatile system and easiest installation and ownership. Deep rounded ends on the traditional canopy frame allow you to tuck your boat completely underneath the frame, away from the harsh sun and wind, while our ShoreMaster Fabrics vented canopy covers still allow for breathability to inhibit mold and mildew.

Boat Lift Accessories

Centering Guides
Centering Guides from ShoreMaster fit all ShoreMaster vertical, cantilever lifts and most Hydraulic lifts. A high quality aluminum channel and carpeted wood surface provide a non marring surface to guide your boat. The flared ends allow for an easy entrance into your boat lift. ShoreMaster centering guides are adjustable horizontally and vertically for a perfect fit. The non-skid channel top provides a safe surface to step on when accessing your boat.

Boat Lift Bunks
Boat Lift Bunks from ShoreMaster are designed to fit all ShoreMaster boat lifts. Aluminum / Vinyl bunks utilize an aluminum channel covered by extruded vinyl for an outstanding surface to rest your boat on. Carpet covered wood bunks are also available. Bunks are recommended for all inboard boats.

Boat Lift Cradles from ShoreMaster cradle your boat for optimum protection. They’re available in adjustable and non adjustable versions to fit your boat exactly the way you want them to. Both versions incorporate an aluminum channel for strength, and a rubber surface for protection.

Motor Stops
Adjustable motor stops help you land your boat on your ShoreMaster lift with confidence, safety and ease. We offer three options based on lift and boat type. Choose the one that fits your situation, and situate your boat in just the right location.

Pontoon Racks & Rails
Your pontoon gives you a reason to slow down and enjoy the time you spend on the water with your family and friends. Give your pontoon a reason to thank you by giving it the ultimate protection of ShoreMaster’s Pontoon Racks, or a Pontoon Rail Kit.

Solar Panels
The 10 watt Solar Panel from ShoreMaster helps maintain your battery’s charge. So you’re always ready to hit the water. Solar Panels from ShoreMaster are pre-wired for a quick and easy set up and they’re weatherproof and maintenance free.

Boat Lift Canopy Frames
ShoreMaster canopy frames provide structural support for your canopy cover. They’re manufactured to be light weight, in part due to their all aluminum construction. The deep frames and rounded ends allow your boat to be tucked into the canopy’s frame for maximum protection from sun, wind and rain.

Boat Lift Loft
Take advantage of the free space underneath your canopy cover. The Lift Loft provides additional storage space for all of your gear. Use the Lift Loft so everything that you need on the water will be ready to go when you are.

Replacement Winches
Genuine ShoreMaster replacement winches are designed to fit the unique specifications of your ShoreMaster boat lift. You’re guaranteed safe and reliable service when you purchase genuine replacement winches from ShoreMaster.

Winch Wheel
The ShoreMaster Winch Wheel provides a comfortable grip for operating your ShoreMaster lift. The blue color, and the familiar feel of it in your hand, let you know it’s a ShoreMaster.

Universal Wheel Bracket Kit & Pivoting Wheel Caddy
The Universal Wheel Bracket Kit assists in the removal, and installation of your boat lift, and its universal design allows for installation on virtually any lift.The Pivoting Wheel Caddy uses a cantilever pivoting motion to provide a small amount of lift that assists in the installation and removal of your lift. Designed specifically for ShoreMaster boat lifts, but will fit some other brands.


Replacement Pulleys
Genuine replacement pulleys from ShoreMaster give you the peace of mind that you need to relax on the water. ShoreMaster’s replacement pulleys are designed to fit your ShoreMaster lift and its components exactly.

Replacement Cables
Replacement cables from ShoreMaster are engineered to the specifications of your particular boat lift. Choose from stainless steel or galvanized replacement cables. Each is manufactured to the correct thickness and length for your individual application.